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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about inetUSA and how working with us really will save you time, money, aggravation and get the results you want. We know that's a bold claim, but we're going to prove it to you - right now. However, before we jump in, you need to make a quick choice. 

The rest of this page is a thorough review of inetUSA's Symphony of Marketing approach. It's a lot of great info, but we only asked you for three minutes, so that's what you have to spare right now, click the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY button below to just get the basics. Then after you've blasted through the summary, you can come back here and dig a bit deeper into all the delicious details.

Of course, we hope you can spare a couple more minutes now to learn about changing your future and getting back some of the only commodity you can't replace ... your time! If so, just skip the button below and keep reading.

Excellent Decision!

Let's dig in together. First, let's get our credentials out of the way quickly. Our history begins in 1986. That was when Atlanta Technologies, Inc. (ATI) was created. In the early 1990s, it won the support contract for the Space Shuttle Payload Management system and in 1992, the Florida office of ATI and the support contract with NASA was purchased by inetUSA's current CEO and the company was renamed as The Network Group.

In late 1995, the ban on using the Internet for commercial use was lifted. During 1996, TNG worked to determine what role we might play in this new arena. We started by creating inetUSA as our Internet brand early in 1997. We became a "Dial-Up ISP", selling modem-based access to the Internet alongside such companies as AOL and Earthlink and eventually sold that aspect of our business to Earthlink to focus solely on the software side of the rapidly developing Internet market.

In 2000, we created one of the world's first "Do It Yourself" website products, our famous One Click Website. Over 30,000 websites have been created using that tool spanning multiple versions and revisions. Obviously, we've been at this for a while and, like the TV commercial says, we know a thing or two about a thing or two 🙂 Heck, we have several members of our team that have been part of inetUSA's family far longer than lots of today's Internet companies have been in business and several customer relationships that date back to our earliest days, so we must be doing it right.

That's it for the history lesson. Now, let's see if we are actually good fit for each other. We built inetUSA to support the needs of a specific type of client customer. Our focus is to provide all of the vital marketing services that are required for a small to medium size business to succeed. It's important to understand what we DIDN'T create inetUSA to do.

  • We aren't looking to provide comprehensive marketing services to large companies. Bigger organizations usually have large teams, commensurately large budgets for marketing and typically rely on their internal resources for most marketing activities. While we often do provide some business consulting, design and printing services to large organizations, we seldom do it ALL for them and we focus on the small to medium sized business market.
  • We also may not be the best fit for you if you are already highly skilled and experienced in both the technical and implementation strategies necessary to provide effective marketing results in today's high speed online world.  In fact, if you are "that person", maybe you should consider a career working with inetUSA as a campaign manager 🙂
  • We are also not trying to compete for the being the cheapest provider of products and services. Our goal is to provide the expertise and manpower to do all of your marketing professionally for you. While we work hard to do so at the most reasonable and cost possible, the level of service we provide is what separates us from our competition. What we provide is always far less than doing it yourself and the results you'll achieve are always far better than buying from the cheapest place you can find - especially when you factor in the value of your time that can always being far better spent doing business building activities.

Now let's discuss the characteristics of our ideal client and more importantly, see if these definitions describe your circumstances.

Size Matters

Like we said above, we focus on the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that usually employ less than 250 people.  SMEs are further subdivided into MICRO ENTERPRISES (fewer than 10 employees); SMALL ENTERPRISES enterprises (10 to 49 employees) and MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (50 to 249 employees).  If this target group describes the size of your enterprise, we're definitely on the right track!

Your Skills Matter

Do you already employ graphic artists, web masters, social media experts, printing specialists, campaign managers, etc.  If so, you are probably outside our sweet spot, because these are some of the primary areas inetUSA handles for our clients and our full-time team members do their work.

Money Matters

Doesn't it always?  Of course ... and it not only matters to you, but also to inetUSA.  We know you want to minimize your costs to retain more of your profits and we'll definitely work within your budget.  However, having a budget is an absolute requirement. You'll need to share your budget with us (and we'll even help you formulate it) so we can tailor our efforts to achieve the best results possible, while carefully staying within your financial limits.

However, even if you don't feel you have the the funds to properly market your enterprise right now, our initial conversation should be about helping you locate some additional funding so you can move forward.

Time Matters

If you have lots of free time and want to figure this all out for yourself, you probably can do so. But, if you're like nearly ALL of our clients, time is the one commodity you never, ever seem to have enough of.  As far as we know, nobody has ever figured out how to squeeze more than 24 hours into a day. That's why we have assembled a great team with the skills, experience and time to do it all for you ... professionally and efficiently.

Above All ... YOU Matter!

You'd likely not be here if you didn't have some as of yet unrealized dreams of astounding success.  You probably know your own business quite well, but frequently find yourself with far more ideas and goals than you have the money, time, expertise and the team to be able to accomplish.  That is the very essence of what inetUSA provides.

We do what needs to be done to develop and deliver every aspect of your marketing for you. This allows you to focus ALL your efforts on the important tasks that are required to actually build your business to deliver on the promises made by your marketing messages.

We also know that no matter what your business is demanding, you MUST be able to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. So we make sure that we are always being keenly aware of the clock, the calendar, your objectives, your budget and all of the gazillion little details so that you can plan some "YOU TIME" away from the day to day grind and recharge your batteries, secure in the confidence that we've got you covered.

The Secret Characteristic That Also Matters

There's one more key characteristic that might even matter even more than the ones above, but you'll just have to keep reading just a bit longer below to learn about this "secret" characteristic. However, we promise it will be well worth the read.


If these definitions seem to fit your current circumstances ... WELCOME HOME!


Here's what working with inetUSA will mean to you in regard to some of the products and services we provide.  In each section below, we'll explain how we do the work and highlight what you won't have to do.

DONE FOR YOU! - The inetUSA Way!

We are 100% process-driven. We don't ever try to make your objectives fit into our framework because our objective is to recognize the uniqueness of your business and help you capitalize on your strengths. However, we do follow a time-tested approach to make sure all 'I's are dotted and the 'T's are crossed. In other words, we don't leave some elements to chance and we check all the boxes along the way to achieve superior results. Regardless of the tasks we are performing on your behalf, we always ask all the right questions before we start to work. Then, whenever possible during the development phase of the campaign, we'll loop you in to make 100% sure we are staying on track.

For example, let's suppose you're a Roofing Contractor and one of the aspects of your marketing campaign requires the creation of a trifold brochure that will be a self-mailer as well as a handout to new prospects.

To begin with, we'll already know that roofing is a highly competitive business. We'll know this because of our keen knowledge of what's going on in the overall marketplace, but more importantly, you will have already explained this to us when you completed the online "GETTING TO KNOW YOU QUESTIONNAIRE" that all of our customers complete before we get started with the planning phase of a campaign. We'll also know that your brochure needs to quickly deliver the message that working with you is different (and obviously more preferred) than dealing with any of your competitors.

With this knowledge as our overall objective, we'll start the process below:

  It will start with a quick, but thorough discussion, led by your campaign manager, to make sure that you and all the inetUSA team members who'll be involved in delivering your campaign are crystal clear on the desired objective, message and timeline for completion that this brochure will require.

  We'll guide you through the product design selection process. If you choose to start with one of our professionally designed templates, we'll make sure it one that lends itself well to your defined objective and complimenst any other deliverables that are part of the overall inetUSA Symphony of Marketing approach to your campaign.

  When we're mutually comfortable that you've settled on a design that will properly support your objectives, we will help work on the content. This is the "What to say and how to say it" phase.

  If pictures from your successful work for others are required, we'll tell you what to gather and if testimonials are needed, we'll show you how to gather them easily ... and as an added bonus, possibly get some new business along the way.

  Once the materials are gathered, we'll assemble them, and create a proof for your approval. If any changes are required, they'll be made promptly and we'll move into the production phase to create your perfect brochure as specified.

  If your campaign requires a targeted mailing, we'll already have that targeted list loaded up and we'll print the mailers and the handouts in the same press run to minimize your cost and get the whole job done as quickly as possible.

At every step along the way, we do everything we can to make sure your efforts are only required where they are critical or irreplaceable and we can't do them for you. At every other point, we do it for you, so you can stay focused on your main job, BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS!

Obviously, this is just one sample of how the inetUSA Symphony of Marketing comprehensive approach is used to make sure that even on a rather simple campaign task like this, we always get it right! While it may seem like overkill for a simple brochure, we try very hard to make absolutely certain that nothing is left to chance and nothing falls through the cracks. We approach everything we do the same way.

In fact, we're constantly reviewing our processes to make sure they stay up to date and take advantage of any "best practices" and new technologies or market trends we discover as we mature and enhance our approach. It's also important that you know why the areas we'll discuss below are the ones we decided to focus our energies on in regard to finding solutions to offer to our customers and prospects. We are big proponents of making "data-enriched" decisions. Too often, companies embark on new projects because of an opinion or feeling. While those are important elements to consider, nothing can ever tell you more about where you ought to be steering your ship than consulting the people who might be the passengers on the journey.

That's why we asked our customers and surveyed our prospects to determine their biggest stumbling blocks. We found that most of our clients were struggling. They were facing a set of ever more confusing, always-moving targets. The "big players" in their communities or the overall markets in which they were trying to compete were winning because they just threw money (mostly other people's money) at the challenges and that was making it a non-winnable numbers game. We knew that would not be a sustainable model as did our despairing clients. To help us begin to create solutions to help them compete, we separated the challenges into the specific areas shown below and dug deeper for their issues in each of these areas. In each of the sections below we'll explain the details of each aspect of the departments and services that make up the campaigns we deliver as part of the inetUSA Symphony of Marketing.

Printing Services

Let's start with printing. Our research told us that creating brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards and other printed materials was time-consuming, expensive and often just not in our client's wheelhouses, especially as far as creating compelling content. We provide three easy options to get your printed messages quickly into the hands of your desired audience.

    Select A Design From Our Sample Gallery - We provide numerous examples of the items we can print for you.  You'll page through the sample gallery and select one that you like as a starting place.  Once you've made your selection and placed your order, we'll call you to go over your chosen options.  We'll also discuss what needs to be done to customize your selection to meet your unique requirements.  Then, we'll do the design work and send you a digital proof to approve.  After receiving your approval, we'll get it printed and right out the door.  

    Use Your Own Design - If you already have a suitable print-ready design you want to have printed for a postcard, flyer, brochure, business card. etc., you'll simply upload your design and complete your order.  Then, we'll crank up the printing press and ship it out, typically within two business days or less.

    Create A Design From Scratch - If you don't have a print-ready design and the ones in our Sample Gallery don't quite meet your unique needs, we'll gladly work with you to create one that fits your objectives to perfection.   We won't try to make you into a graphic designer or a printing expert along the way, we'll just just do it for you!  All you'll have to do is answer a few very basic questions via our online design form. Next, we'll call you to discuss all the details such as colors, images, sizes, mailing methods, cost, scheduling, etc. Then, we'll create the item you need and send it to you for final approval.  Once that's received, it's off to the printer and out it goes.

We've designed our software systems to fully support each option and most importantly, none of them require anything from you other than the ability to clearly communicate what you want.  We'll do the rest!

Our Printing Customers Always Say It Best ...

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
Alan R.
Once we explained what we do to their team, inetUSA created a perfect mailing piece that has gotten us 100s of new customers.
Bill B.
We're a boring lumber mill. Somehow, inetUSA captured what makes us special and their suggested targeted mailing to builders has jumpstarted a new era of growth for us.
Richard L.
I was skeptical that print and direct mail would get us anywhere.  I'm happy to say I was wrong!  Thanks to inetUSA, we print and mail every week and it yields instant revenue!
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Mailing Services

If you're like most of our clients, even if you feel you've created good printed material, navigating the confusing regulations, services and permitting processes the U.S. Postal Service to get acceptable results at affordable prices is always a problem. Therefore, you'll probably want us to also handle your mailing tasks for you. Let's look at the TWO MAILING OPTIONS you can choose from to get the material we print for you into the hands of your targeted prospects.

    Mailing To A List - If you have a specific list (one you already own or one we furnish to you via one of our lead generation partners), our software and our team are ready and waiting! You'll just need to either upload your properly formatted list using our super-easy upload process and we'll get it ready for merging with your printed items or, if it's one that we've gathered and furnished to you, the list will already be in our database .  In either case, as soon as we have the list, we'll get your materials printed, stamped and pre-sorted for deliverability.  Then we'll take them to the post office for quick delivery to your prospects or customers.  We can also box up the entire print run and send it to you via USPS if you want to drop it off locally.

    Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) - If you want to saturate a physical location, EDDM is really the only way to go!  The USPS designed this to be the least expensive way to send mail and we specialize in making it work for our clients in the most effective possible manner. We'll work with you to select the carrier routes and zip codes you want to cover. Then, using our close working partnership with USPS and our mailing permits, we'll get you the best possible rates to send your messages on their way fast.

Just remember that ALL of this happens without you EVER needing to learn how to be a graphic designer, printer, expediter, mailing specialist or any of the other disciplines required to manage print and mail campaigns to your best advantage. That's what we do!

In addition, as part of the inetUSA Symphony of Marketing, our comprehensive approach to managing our customer's marketing initiatives, we make sure that EVERYTHING you print is mindful of EVERYTHING ELSE you've already done or even intend to do as far as your marketing and messaging. Everything we print for you will be perfectly coordinated with the rest of your marketing to deliver the best possible overall impression.  We'll also make sure that your printed material contains the proper URL links, QR codes, and Phone Numbers to not only help your potential customers reach you, but enable us (and you) to track their responses so we can constantly sharpen our focus, based on what's working. Best of all, you don't have to worry about any of that, because it all happens behind the scenes ... automatically!

Our Mailing Customers Always Say It Best ...

Alan R.
Once we explained what we do to their team, inetUSA created a perfect mailing piece that has gotten us 100s of new customers.
Bill B.
We're a boring lumber mill. Somehow, inetUSA captured what makes us special and their suggested targeted mailing to builders has jumpstarted a new era of growth for us.
Richard L.
I was skeptical that print and direct mail would get us anywhere.  I'm happy to say I was wrong!  Thanks to inetUSA, we print and mail every week and it yields instant revenue!
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Website Creation and Hosting

Our customers and prospects have told us this was a very confusing area with far too many options across the Internet to make well-informed choices. Everything seems to be a moving target and too often yesterday's correct answer often becomes today's ticket to the poorhouse. Just as with printed products, the inetUSA Symphony of Marketing approach to developing your website provides you with THREE CHOICES, any one of which will help us work together quickly to make your wishes and dreams into reality. Of course, we'll always make sure your website is also perfectly coordinated with the rest of your marketing efforts.

Templates  Start With A Great Template - We have an ever-growing gallery of website templates you may use as a starting point. Any of these can be quickly customized with your choice of colors and styling variations. The template gallery is a great place to start. Beginning with a template is not only the most economical approach, but it will also allow us to get your website online in the shortest time possible.

    Show Us What You Like - If you've seen some sites that you really like, our FAVORITE SITES FORM will let you list up to a dozen of these. When we receive your form, our designers will take a look at your site list and contact you to discuss what it will take to create a site that contains some or all of the elements of the sites you prefer. Just one quick note, please don't ask us to simply make a clone of someone else's work unless you have secured written permission to do so. You certainly wouldn't want to have a design you'd spent time and money creating show up online with a different name - or even worse, displaying the name of a competitor.

Idea  You Know What You Want - If you have a specific and unique idea or look and feel you'd like to turn into an online reality, we're ready. In that case, our HERE'S WHAT I WANT TO CREATE Form is where you'll start. Take as much space and time as you want and give as as much of the details as you can. We'll consider your desires and, during our next conversation, we'll ask you any questions about anything else we need to provide you with an estimate and timeline for turning your dreams into a masterpiece.

Regardless of which approach gets you started, you can be sure that inetUSA will work hard to make sure that the impression your website makes on your visitors not only delivers your messages perfectly, but shows them that you are a vibrant, solid and reliable organization. Our attention to detail is legendary and we'll be sure we can also point proudly to the great work we've done on your behalf.

Our Website Customers Always Say It Best ...

Calista B.
inetUSA IS our marketing department! The website they created for us is the hub that drives our business.
Andre K.
inetUSA got us off to a flying start with this great website!  We're rolling ALL our marketing over to them during the next several months.
Bella R.
Our website was never what we wanted until we found inetUSA.  Now, they are our trusted and reliable partner!  Highly recommended!
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Telemarketing and Answering Services

Another key component of today's marketing is TELEPHONY. This includes inbound and outbound calling, texting and delivering your marketing to mobile and residential or business phones. We learned that telephone work was very time consuming for our clients. They were often spending huge amounts of time on the phone and only achieving disappointing even disturbing results. The inetUSA Symphony of Marketing approach makes sure your telemarketing (often your first two-way interaction with a potential customer) is always in sync with the rest of your efforts and removes the drudgery, leaving you with only conversations with motivated customers.

If you've sent out a mailing piece to 500 prospects and now need to follow it up with a "warm intro" call to make sure they received it, taking your time to do that is a horrible use of your time. Between hangups, no answers, wrong numbers, etc. Much of your time will be spent doing completely unproductive work and wasting your valuable time. Also, there's nothing that provides a much worse impression than receiving an inbound call from a potential customer who asks about your "offer" or your "deal" or "that thing you sent me" and your somewhat unprepared response is, "Hmmm ... what thing I sent you?" 🙂 We make sure that NEVER happens. It's also painful to get yet another inbound call from the 100th prospect this week who asks you the exact same question that requires you to you laboriously repeat the same answer or explanation for the 100th time this week. None of these scenarios are good for your business and are a poor use of use of your most valuable commodity ... time.

Outbound   Outbound Telemarketing Services - Florida-based team.

Inbound   Inbound Answering Services - We'll learn your business

Whether your needs are for an outbound campaign to compliment and follow-up on another element of an INETUSASYMPHONYOFMARKETING campaign or the success of your overall marketing efforts are forcing you spend far too much time answering your phone and constantly responding to similar questions, we have you covered. As in all of our service areas, the intent of our efforts is to give you back your time so you can be more productive and increase your profitable results.

Our Telephony Services Customers Always Say It Best ...

Calista B.
inetUSA IS our marketing department! The website they created for us is the hub that drives our business.
Andre K.
inetUSA got us off to a flying start with this great website!  We're rolling ALL our marketing over to them during the next several months.
Bella R.
Our website was never what we wanted until we found inetUSA.  Now, they are our trusted and reliable partner!  Highly recommended!
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Digital Marketing Mastery

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly perceived as a “must-have” - and maybe you’re thinking you need to set up a few social media accounts (usually starting with Facebook) and throw something on there “Just-to-Have-It.” 

Sadly, if websites seemed to be a quagmire of confusion, social media was the great abyss and far more challenging. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ (now defunct), Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit (just to name a few), this was truly a tower of babble and most of our folks were simply not engaging other than maybe having a personal Facebook page. With so many different channels and platforms at your disposal, each with their own audiences, formatting requirements, ranking algorithms, user interfaces, and constantly evolving APIs, it can be hard to know where and how to get started, let alone keep up with each of your accounts consistently and effectively. Our dedicated Digital Marketing Mastery team pairs attentiveness to your brand identity and goals with aptitude for ever-evolving trends and platform updates, to ensure your digital media presence grows in a way that translates into growth for your business. Because the point is to capture an audience, not just simply to exist.

    Social Media - Comprehensive social media set-up, promotional campaigns, post scheduling, audience building, and campaign management. These accounts can be integrated into your mail and print marketing for maximum reach, and we can utilize social media to re-target your mail and print marketing lists.

    Blog Management - Curating content, optimizing keywords, and integrating your blog posts with email campaigns and social posting to reach a larger audience.

    Facebook - In addition to setting up, optimizing, and curating social posts for your Facebook account, we also offer an array of strategy consultations, promotional management, and niche growth campaigns for Facebook.

    Instagram - Instagram optimization, audience-defining, hashtag curation, and consistent engagement with audiences that fit your brand.

    Snapchat - Have you thought about using Snapchat for growing your brand but aren’t really sure how? Ask about our Snapchat cards - the simplest way to use Snapchat for on-the-go networking.

    Online Content Creation - Take the guesswork out of choosing the right topics, the right media, and the right words for your posts. We match content to your audience profile and handle the formatting for each platform for you.

    SEO / SEM - You probably already know that good search engine optimization and search engine marketing practices will drive better traffic to your website. You might also know, or guess, that a key part of SEO/SEM best practice is linking to your website from your social media channels. Not only do we make sure the content we curate for your social media channels encourages website traffic and searchability, but we also manage your social media channels with channel-specific SEO / SEM in mind, too. After all, why should we only optimize your website's performance through search engines, when we can boost your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, Twitter, etc… in search engine results as well?

    Email Marketing - Building an email list quickly I think some people are turned off by the idea of “building” an email list because they’ve tried other companies that promised that before and it didn’t pan out. They might actually be more enticed if we say we have lead lists to sell) and marketing to it properly.
 We can run email campaigns for promoting blog posts and specific social media announcements to drive new audiences to your blog page, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

    Text (SMS) Marketing - Using automated text messaging to build customer awareness and engagement. Whether you have a special event, new product launch, or a contest coming up, we can get your announcement in the hands of your target audience fast.

As part of the inetUSA symphony of marketing, the best digital marketing strategy will be one that recognizes that the online world does not exist in a bubble. Whatever you do online must dovetail appropriately with and compliment all of the other aspects of your marketing efforts. Rather than simply letting your Facebook Page or your Blog to just exist in a semi-dormant state, let our team orchestrate a solid, comprehensive Digital Marketing Mastery campaign where all the pieces of your marketing are working together to build brand awareness, establish credibility, and keep you fresh in the mind of your target audience. More importantly, doing this righty will drive them to the desired online conversions and get you the great results you are seeking.

Our Digital Marketing Mastery Customers Always Say It Best ...

Calista B.
inetUSA IS our marketing department! The website they created for us is the hub that drives our business.
Andre K.
inetUSA got us off to a flying start with this great website!  We're rolling ALL our marketing over to them during the next several months.
Bella R.
Our website was never what we wanted until we found inetUSA.  Now, they are our trusted and reliable partner!  Highly recommended!
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Look Out ... Here It Comes - The Big SECRET REVEAL
And the Hard-Sell Close You Expected ... NOT!

You've made it this far, so please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your generous investment of valuable time to learn more about inetUSA. As we mentioned back at the top of the page, there was one additional SECRET CHARACTERISTIC we look for in inetUSA's ideal customer and you just passed that last test of compatibility. Here's why.

We're going to leap to the obvious conclusion that unless you're a bit strange and genuinely enjoy reading long business essays like this or you are compulsive "scroll to the bottom of the page" type of person, you are probably seriously considering giving inetUSA's Symphony of Marketing a try to see if it's really possible that one company will actually provide all of these services like we say we can. That demonstrates the last critical characteristic we look for in an ideal client relationship ... A SINCERE BELIEF IN POSITIVE OUTCOMES. We love to work with people who always expect the best and who'll always challenge us to deliver it.

The next step is super easy, just click on the rather obvious big red button below and complete our "Getting to Know You" questionnaire. Almost immediately, a knowledgeable inetUSA campaign manager will be contacting you to discuss the next steps in developing your unique winning marketing strategy. Oh yeah, we also want to give you one final kick in the backside. We promised a valuable reward and here it is:

As an incentive to get you rolling quickly, we'll knock a cool hundred bucks off your first qualifying order for an inetUSA Symphony of Marketing campaign. No hoops to jump through - we'll just credit it to the bottom line as a token of our appreciation, Consider it as our investment in a mutually rewarding and exciting future together.

Don't be satisfied with less than what you truly deserve and, as the saying goes, LET'S GET AFTER IT!

If you're ready to learn more about the incredible value of having your marketing done for you professionally via inetUSA's Symphony of Marketing, just click the big red button below to take the next step.


As soon as we receive your questionnaire, your personal inetUSA campaign manager will schedule a 100% NO-OBLIGATION - FREE consultation meeting (either in person or via Zoom or GotoMeeting ... you pick whatever works best for you). In that +/- 30 minute session, we'll learn even more about each other; establish some budgetary and calendar guidelines and settle on a best initial marketing "bang for the buck" campaign to meet your unique needs.

Remember this, your competition is out there working to win the same customers you deserve. Opportunity is knocking if you just know the right doors to open ... but the clock is ticking.

inetUSA has the answers you need to win. Come and get 'em!