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Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

Hit the Bullseye Every Time With Your Mail Campaign!

No matter how specific your business is, a mail piece designed for your target audience and mailed directly to them puts your message in the right hands.

Targeted lists can be built and filtered using just about any criteria imaginable, allowing you to really focus your marketing efforts. Our team of experts works with you to determine the audience you want to target.

From there,  inetUSA does the rest! We procure the list for you, design & customize your direct mail pieces, and professionally print them. Once they're ready to go, we mail them out for you on the date you select!
Get More Info & Pricing

Need assistance finding your audience? Our team can help!

Our all-inclusive pricing is based on total quantity and product size. All production, mail prep, postage, and delivery is included in a flat rate per piece.

We also provide (optional) add-on services such as graphic design or digital marketing, for an additional cost, to help you create a successful campaign.

What are the perks?

  • Direct relevance to your audience
  • Personalize pieces with variable data
  • No mailing permit required
  • No experience required
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • Target potential customers by virtually any criteria


Depending on your needs & your campaign, there are several sizes available.
If you don't know what size might work best for you, we are happy to help you decide!

Rectangular with four square corners or finished corners that do not exceed a radius of .125'.' (A square is considered a rectangle.) Must be one of the following: More than 10.5" in length OR 6.125" in height OR .25" thick. Cannot be more than 15" long, 12" high, and .75" thick. Note: To be considered a flat, a mail piece must exceed only one of the dimension minimums but be within all flat maximums; otherwise, it is a parcel. Minimum thickness is .007" (about three sheets of paper) and minimum height is 3.5'.'
All Every Door Direct Mail mail pieces must have the entire mailing label on the "top half" of the mail piece. The orientation of the label, whether it's applied on the long or short side, does not matter (except that labels placed parallel to the shortest end must not be upside down). The shortest end will always be the top half of the piece. Length is always the longest side. Your mail piece must also have the proper Postage Permit Indicia & addressing labeling, and all mail pieces must contain "ECRWSS"in the address area or within or below the permit indicia. "EDDM" must be included after"ECRWSS" on the label of pieces greater than 10.5" and up to and including 11.5" in length submitted at a BMEU.
Is your product or service something everyone needs? For example, plumbing, food, medical/dental care, building or repair services, auto services, etc. If so, EDDM is a great option for you! EDDM lets you blanket a whole mail carrier route with your campaign for the cheapest postal rate available. If you offer a specialized or niche product/service that is aimed at a specific demographic (ex: business owners, women in their 50's, military service people, people with pets, etc) a targeted list that goes directly to those folks will be a better option for your campaign! Here is more information on our Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns.
EDDM requires you to mail to all residential addresses within your selected routes, however, you can opt to either include or exclude Business & PO Box addresses, depending on the nature of your campaign!