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inetUSA's Symphony of Marketing

The dictionary defines a symphony as " an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra ".  In today's frantically competitive business arena, this is YOUR organization's marketing efforts should be defined.  If you feel that is already the case, that's wonderful and we hope you're enjoying the success that your organization's symphony has created.

However, if your overall marketing might best be described as "less than well-orchestrated" or even worse, just a lot of noise to which very few prospects respond positively, REJOICE!  With our help, your business life is about to get a whole lot better really quickly.

To better understand how inetUSA coordinates all the aspects of marketing to achieve the results you desire, please take the next couple of minutes to read the rest of this page.  It defines the psychology regarding the objectives and approach we use to achieve the objective we always strive for - regardless of the client or the message. That simple goal is the establishment of a genuine, long term relationship with our client's targeted prospects.

This relationship must be built by understanding the stages of emption and decision making that prepare your prospects to accept the premise that what you will provide to them will deliver a unique and valuable benefit. That same psychology also explains why driving that message home by delivering it via multiple, perfectly coordinated "touches" makes it obvious to your best prospects that ONLY YOU are the best possible vendor they could choose to provide the products or services that you offer.

inetUSA defines this process as:



Your Prospects Aren't Listening To You

Because There's Too Much OTHER Noise!

The first obstacle you must overcome is that your messages and images are only one of the many thousands of inputs your prospects hear, see, feel, taste, smell and experience every day. The unfortunate byproduct of our "INFORMATION AGE" is that we are all totally over-whelmed by over-information syndrome (OIS). We're constantly barraged by far to many sources of stimulation to easily allow us to separate the THINGS WE REALLY NEED TO HEAR versus those that SOMEONE ELSE WANTS US TO HEAR.


You Need To Get Their Attention

Only Then You Can Transition Them Into "Receptive Mode"

Your first task is to find a "HOOK" that will get your prospect's attention. Once that's happened, you then must find a way to get them FOCUSED ON YOUR MESSAGE and RECEPTIVE TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER! Obviously, that is far easier said than done. Getting prospects to calmly and objectively focus for even a few seconds these days is very challenging, but it's possible. More importantly, we are experts at helping you figure out how to do this.


How about this ... SINCE YOU'RE READING THIS, it certainly looks like WE GOT YOUR ATTENTION! 🙂


Once They're Actually Listening To You,

Give Them Something Different To Think About!

Now that you have them ready to listen, you've only got a few more seconds to "SET THE HOOK" by offering them something to think about that they ...

  • Didn't know
  • Previous assumed incorrectly - offering new information
  • Always desired but didn't know how to get
  • Can only get from you
  • IS a real game changer!
  • Or something else that is certain to hold their attention


Now That You're On The Right Track,

It's Time To Really ASTOUND Them!

You need to quickly convey the most compelling reason they should to be dealing with you - and ONLY you. Here's a word to the wise - unless you have somehow achieved a staggering cost reduction in your supply side that allows you to pass a substantial portion of that savings on to your customers, this compelling reason should likely be something OTHER THAN JUST PRICE. Here's why.

If you compete only on price, you are 100% vulnerable to the next organization that can and will do what you just did. They will convince your prized customers that you just worked so hard to acquire that they are cheaper and therefore deserving of their business. Today, you have to seek an edge that should certainly demonstrate a keen awareness of market pricing, but focuses far more on overall value as opposed to PRICE ONLY. A customer that truly values your relationship won't be so quick to jump ship when the next cheaper competitor comes calling.

This means that you need to carefully examine your business and your product or service offering and make certain you have something to offer that truly is unique and different. If you aren't sure exactly what that is or how to make sure it's conveyed properly, that's where we come in.


Your "ASTOUNDINGNESS" Must Also Be Believable

Because You'll Have Made Them Actually Be Hopeful!

Keep in mind that making an amazing offer that sounds too good to be true is usually assumed to NOT BE TRUE these days. Consumers are far better educated and will almost certainly be comparing whatever you have to say to others who they perceive as similar to you. Your statements must be believable, but whatever aspect of your marketing is meant to show you as unique should be considered not only for its uniqueness as compared to others, but also on the basis of believability.

If you read the offer you are making and it sounds like too much hype - it's NOT the right message! Again, this is yet another area where our expertise is vital. We'll sanity test your ideas so that the ultimate message is clear, concise, unique and above all BELIEVABLE!


Now It's Time To Make Them Happy


It is absolutely crucial that you never over-promise and under-deliver. You really have to deliver 100% of what you commit to EVERY SINGLE TIME! Remember that you're creating RELATIONSHIPS, not just sales. Relationships have staying power, while a sale is only valuable once. You should always strive for recurring and predictable revenue.

The only way that happens is to make sure the promises you make in SALES MODE are properly supported after the sale. That's how you build long term connections with your customers and make sure they PURCHASE ONLY FROM YOU every time they need any of the products or services you offer. If you fail to deliver, they are gone and it will be for a good reason.

So, be 100% sure of your offer and of your ability to always meet your commitments. YOUR WORD MUST BE YOUR BOND!


When You Deliver On Your Promises

You'll Create DELIGHT & ELATION!

And You'll Be On Your Way To The Bank!

This might not seem like another "STEP" since the sale has been made, but it absolutely is ... and it's likely the MOST IMPORTANT STEP for your future. Here's why.

Keep in mind that the whole purpose of your efforts is to build relationships, not just make a few one time sales. If you've properly accomplished all of the previous six steps and converted your prospect to a customer, you will also have created a genuine relationship. If you are blessed with a growing group of customers with whom you now have relationships, those are the best possible sources for additional and ongoing revenue for your organization. Therefore, you must nurture these relationship and treat them like the cherished prizes they truly are.

You have to make sure that you are frequently staying in touch and continuing to offer not only highly valuable information, but ever-increasing brand familiarity and NEW information whenever possible. This is where your website, printed material, social media, blogs, email, text marketing, telephony, and direct mail must be completely synchronized and tightly focused on delivering a cohesive overall message. That is what the inetUSA Symphony of Marketing is all about.

For just pennies each month, your best customers will continue to be constantly aware of you in the specific way you want them to remember you. That way, when you have new offers for products or services, they will already be attentive and receptive. In addition, you must also be sure that if you are selling anything consumable, you are diligently pursuing repeat orders and if possible and applicable, getting customers into an auto-ship mode if possible. In all of these areas, inetUSA is well versed and ready to with everything necessary to get the job done right! That's why inetUSA deserves to be YOUR MARKETING PARTNER!

Are You Ready To Learn A Bit More About How

This list below contains some of the many of the areas or marketing we coordinate for our clients which make them stand above their competition. These are the things you'll need to become educated about and skilled in to be effective in your marketing efforts these days.  In each of these areas, inetUSA has developed specialized expertise, allowing us to perform them efficiently and economically on behalf of our clients.  It's a rather daunting list, but remember, these are things we're ready to handle for you while you do what you do best - BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS!

Website Design, Creation & Hosting
Printed Media (Letters, Postcards, Business Cards, Rack Cards, Flyers, Etc.)
Direct Mail / EDDM
Telephony (Inbound & Outbound)
Email and Text Marketing
Design, Graphics, Branding
Other Advertising (Outdoor, Radio, TV and Speciality Placement)
List Building & Lead Acquisition
Business Consulting

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