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Fast, mobile-ready websites that work for any business.

Don't Waste Your Time Making Your Own Site

Your job is owning your business, and while sometimes you might have to get a little dirty and do things yourself, that shouldn't include building your own website. What you need is a website that matches your business, with the message you need, and for it to be done without you spending the next six months doing it all by yourself.

Our Website Templates

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Dozens of Choices and Layouts to Choose From

Your website should always be working for you, whether it be sending you leads, scheduling your meetings, or even acting as just a digital brochure for your business. We help build you a website based off of what you want and what's best for your business. We don't just want to give you a static website to be left alone and forgotten, but to be another instrument in your personal marketing symphony.

Just to start out, we have over 15 different website templates, dozens of page layouts and designs, and functions available from a support ticket system for growing businesses to a portfolio of your past and current work projects. Just because you're not the one building and changing your website doesn't mean you can't get what you want. Choose from our ever-growing list of webpage layouts to match the form and function of your business, build something completely unique, or tell us how to make your ideal website and we'll show you the results.

There's no difficulty involved and you never lose your voice dealing with your own website. Its easy, its simple, and the only thing you have to do is tell us about your business. We combine your website with our other marketing tools to help support a powerful, complete marketing plan. Our websites are fast, light, look beautiful on desktop, tablet, and mobile, and we push all of your website leads directly to your inbox! There really is no hair-pulling nonsense. We're here to help you build a bigger, better business through your marketing, and your website is no exception.

KONASURF website mobile layout

Why Choose inetUSA's Symphony of Marketing For Your Website Solution?

We don't offer cheap $5/mo plans like you'll find with some other hosting companies. We believe in providing full service solutions for our customers. We work closely with each customer throughout the website design process and continue to provide excellent support even after your website is completed.

We believe in providing holistic marketing strategies for our clients; Your website is only one piece of the marketing strategy. We'll design your website using graphics and techniques that work seamlessly across other marketing channels including print and direct mail.

Seamlessly Integrated

Any website design we create for you can be seamlessly integrated with your print and direct mail marketing - tailor-made for you and your business.

Personal Webmaster Services

Let us do all the work! We provide full service webmaster solutions so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Uniquely Yours

Let our professional website and graphic designers work with you to help bring your vision to life with your custom website and integrated marketing campaign.

What Makes A Good Website?

Nothing quite makes your business a business like a killer website. You know you need one, you know almost everyone has one, but maybe you don’t know what exactly makes a great website such an integral part of a successful business. There are a different elements to a website that can make or break it, and ultimately we’re here to make sure you have a website that brings you more business and makes running your business much easier.

Your digital business card

The most important element your website should have is clear and easy to find contact information. While you might think this means simply including your phone number and email address somewhere at the bottom or top of the page, it goes beyond that. Overall, you want your website visitors to easily find.

  • General customer service informationGeneral customer service information
  • Specific contact information for relevant departments within your business
  • Links to your social media and online referral networks
  • Hours – When people can get a hold of you by phone, in person, or 24/7 by email.
  • Updates on what your business is doing today and in the future
  • Your location, and a map with directions on how to get there (bonus, a google maps integration can also allow readers to see who has visited and reviewed your business!)

Your contact information not only guides your website visitors on how to best get in touch with you, but it also lends a hand in establishing your presence and credibility.

Where are you located? Can I visit your business in person? When are you open? Have people like me visited and patronized your company before? Can I find a link to your company’s Instagram or Facebook easily on your website?

Better still, potential partners, suppliers, and other business to business vendors might be looking for a streamlined way to stay in touch. That’s where digital referral networks like LinkedIn and Alignable help the most.

Does your website have links to your LinkedIn or Alignable? Otherwise, does your site have instructions on where business to business inquiries should be directed?

If a potential partner can’t find an efficient way to get in touch with the right person at your company, you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity to scale your business.

Great websites don’t stop at including a phone number and email address somewhere within the site. People are on your site wondering “What do I do next, and how do I do it?”

We make sure the right contact information is in the right places on your website, paired with the right calls to action directing you on how to use that information to sign up, purchase now, pick up the phone and call
now – Or any other number of objectives you want to accomplish.

Your Customer Management System (CMS)

As your business gets bigger, so will your plate. More business means more questions to answer, deals to nurture and close, orders to fulfill, and problems to solve than ever before.

Growth can ironically become the biggest pitfall for a business if they aren’t prepared for it. Finding a way to field a growing list of tasks efficiently and effectively will make sure your business only gets better as it gets bigger.

A centralized customer management system will help you take care of more at once, all within the backend of your website.

You’ll be able to organize new and existing leads in one place to keep track of where each lead is in the sales process. You can schedule appointments and follow-ups, as well as manage conversations and drip campaigns from your CMS. For customers who have already purchased, you will be able to keep track of retention and repeat business, and curate email marketing campaigns aimed at horizontal selling.

With inetUSA’s e-commerce websites, you can streamline order processing, tracking, and fulfillment. Your customers will be able to check the status of their orders and shipments through their side of the CMS, giving them a better experience and giving you a break from the inbound order status inquiries you would get without it.

Your CMS is also a valuable tool for keeping your team organized and productive. You can create, assign, and manage support tickets for your staff in the back end of your inetUSA website to make sure your team members have a clear understanding of their respective roles and tasks. This makes workflow efficient and ensures no customer is left behind.

The Bottom Line: You don’t need to keep track of six different forms of software to keep up with your business. Your CMS will help you grow your customer base, increase the overall lifetime value of your existing customers, and allow your team to provide 5-star customer service fast and effectively, all in one place.

Lead to Customer Conversion

If you have a sales team, you know they never stop talking about leads, conversion, and churn. But a flat or flashy website does nothing for your sales team if it doesn’t help them sell.

Imagine you want to test two different website designs to market the same sports car.

Page A has a super awesome 360 interactive image of the car, and the phone number to sales representative Adam. It looks awesome. Everyone is calling Adam about it.

Page B features the same car with high-quality photos, but no bells and whistles. The page also displays some information about the car: It’s designed with luxury in mind and puts performance first! The low-profile tires and convertible top make nights on the town more thrilling than ever! MSRP is $69,899, but it can be purchased for as low as $389/mo! There is a form visible in the right-hand side for visitors to check to see if they pre-qualify for auto-financing. There is also a carousel of images of other cars below suggesting similar vehicles for your visitors to check out. The website lists general customer service contact information in the header and footer of the page, but there is a call-to-action in the description of this car directing people to call, email, or schedule a test drive with Barry.

Barry’s phone isn’t ringing off the hook the same way Adam’s is, but his calendar is getting booked up by clients he hasn’t even spoken with yet.

Disgruntled Adam

He is getting emails from people who were drawn in by the featured car, but are ultimately looking for a primary vehicle with better handling for all terrain and weather conditions. They took a look at some of the suggested cars and know they want one of them, but can’t decide which! These types of leads might have left page A because other options weren’t available for them to go through, and they might not have been motivated to pick up the phone if that was the only directive available to them. But, they were comfortable sending Barry a message asking for some guidance. Barry is now able to build rapport and help people find the perfect vehicle for their lifestyle.

Barry and Adam are putting in the same amount of hard work into selling, but Adam’s time is consumed by answering inbound questions that could have been answered by the website. Adam is spending his time educating customers – “How much is it?” “Does it drive well in snow?” “Do you guys have financing?” instead of getting to close deals.

When Barry’s phone rings, his leads don’t need to ask these same questions. They have a much higher intent to purchase, and as such, Barry gets to spend more time closing deals than building them from the ground up.

Happy Barry

You put all this money into Website A, and are still paying Adam to do what your website should be doing. Intrinsically, Adam feels disgruntled because he can’t figure out why Barry is such a star! With Website B, your marketing dollar is spent much more effectively, and Barry is able to flourish in the role he fills best. Barry is happy, customers are happy, and you are very happy. If it sounds like a great idea to just go to an online website builder and wing it or to hand thousands of dollars over to a web designer who has examples of all the good-looking sites they’ve worked on, pause and ask yourself:

Does it convert?

If it doesn’t convert, you’ve either wasted your time or way too much money for a glamorous but empty design. Probably not the best business decision.

Design matters, from start to finish. When your website provides a clear explanation of what you do and what you have to offer, resonates with the customer on why your team does what you do well, and educates and guides your reader on what steps they should take to get started, your sales team can spend more time closing deals with customers who are already informed and excited. When your website does its job, your sales team will thank you – and surely you’ll be thanking them.

Mobile Ready

I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you – but most people are glued to their phones these days.

A huge percentage of your website traffic will come from people viewing your site from their smartphones, but ordinary website builders and web-design companies offer little to nothing when it comes to optimizing the mobile performance of your site.

Your page needs to load fast – Sometimes we hear business owners ask “if they can’t wait a few seconds for my website to load, were they really that interested anyway?” While you or I could counter this point from a sales perspective, it’s also important to understand the overall impact of visitors leaving your website as soon as they get there. You’re not just missing the chance to capture and convert these individual leads, but search engines like Google use this information to rank your site unfavorably against your competitors. This means you are losing future opportunities with the next person who searches for a business like yours.

Your website also needs to look and function properly on mobile. Your website, grand as it might be, will not load properly on a mobile device if it is too big. The last thing you want to do when you’re either a) spent a lot of your time building your website with a builder, or b) spent a lot of money to have someone build your website with all the bells and whistles, is to lose your mobile audience because your site doesn’t load right on their phones.

You probably don’t want to spend even more to have a specialist optimize your website for mobile, either. Instead, why not work with professionals who will do each of these things the right way the first time, or redesign your site holistically in a way that works, for once and for all.

Instead, why not work with professionals who will do each of these things the right way the first time, or redesign your site holistically in a way that works, for once and for all.

Instead of throwing spaghetti (i.e. money) at the wall and hoping it sticks, work with a team who will make your website with years of expertise and a whole lot of love.

We have templated options available as a starting point, but ultimately we are here to design a website you’ll love while also helping you learn and understand more about the digital marketing world. It’s more fun for everyone if we all get to see success in action.

What Comes With My Website?

We provide Website hosting, Google Business set-up (for Maps like Waze and Google, & local SEO), and of course, your website. We work with you to build your website based on your specifications and your order, followed by setting-up and/or integrating your Google Business, linking your social media (if you have any, or wish to add them), and then begin hosting your website.

What is Website Hosting?

There are two forms of website hosting, the first being the website URL, called domain hosting. This is the company that leases your website name to you (like inetUSA.com). The latter form, is often called website hosting. Website hosting is the digital location of your website, and determines the engine that runs it. This includes how fast your website runs, where your data, text, website pages, and pictures are stored. Think of it as the home of your website, while the domain hosting is the address of that home. You need both of these in order to have a website. Website hosting also includes the maintenance, upkeep, and security of your website. Its important to be able to protect your customers' data and make sure that the site doesn't fall into disrepair. You'll end up having to pay a bill for both the domain hosting and the website hosting, no matter who you have build your website.

When you have a website with inetUSA, you also receive modern protection on your website. You may not know, but search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, have changed how they process websites depending on their website security and how mobile-friendly they are. Out of the box, inetUSA websites are heavily-fortified so that you don't have to worry about not being visible online due to these Search Engines.

Website Hosting

  • Website Updates
  • Website Upkeep
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Spam Protection
  • Hacking Protection
  • 15 minutes of free Website Developer Work per month