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Telemarketing and Answering Services

Another key component of today's marketing is TELEPHONY. This includes inbound and outbound calling, texting and delivering your marketing to mobile and residential or business phones. We learned that telephone work was very time consuming for our clients. They were often spending huge amounts of time on the phone and only achieving disappointing even disturbing results. The inetUSA Symphony of Marketing approach makes sure your telemarketing (often your first two-way interaction with a potential customer) is always in sync with the rest of your efforts and removes the drudgery, leaving you with only conversations with motivated customers.

If you've sent out a mailing piece to 500 prospects and now need to follow it up with a "warm intro" call to make sure they received it, taking your time to do that is a horrible use of your time. Between hangups, no answers, wrong numbers, etc. Much of your time will be spent doing completely unproductive work and wasting your valuable time. Also, there's nothing that provides a much worse impression than receiving an inbound call from a potential customer who asks about your "offer" or your "deal" or "that thing you sent me" and your somewhat unprepared response is, "Hmmm ... what thing I sent you?" 🙂 We make sure that NEVER happens. It's also painful to get yet another inbound call from the 100th prospect this week who asks you the exact same question that requires you to you laboriously repeat the same answer or explanation for the 100th time this week. None of these scenarios are good for your business and are a poor use of use of your most valuable commodity ... time.

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Inbound   Inbound Answering Services - We'll learn your business

Whether your needs are for an outbound campaign to compliment and follow-up on another element of an INETUSASYMPHONYOFMARKETING campaign or the success of your overall marketing efforts are forcing you spend far too much time answering your phone and constantly responding to similar questions, we have you covered. As in all of our service areas, the intent of our efforts is to give you back your time so you can be more productive and increase your profitable results.