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Marketing Via Direct Mail & EDDM® WORKS!

There are obviously lots of areas you can spend money on to deliver your marketing messages, but one of the most tried, true and EFFECTIVE methods is to hire the US Postal Service and let their hundreds of thousands of letter carriers do the job for you at a very low cost.

There are two basic types of direct mail campaigns.

One of them focuses on database-driven, personalized mail. That simply means that you are mailing individually addressed envelopes to a list of prospects or customers that you have accumulated. Not only the envelope, but the content of the mailing itself can be personalized using every variable for which you have information. In addition to the obvious variables such as FIRST & LAST NAME, ADDRESS, etc., such programs can also personalize the message using data elements like previous item or items purchased, date of last purchase, suggested items based on previous purchases, season of the year, recent events that effect your customers - basically any data you have regarding your mailing list can have a campaign constructed to utilize it.