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Double Your Personal Income Over The Next 12 Months!

If you're responsible for growing your organization, you must have days where you feel like the overwhelmed guy in the picture ... struggling to keep track of all the things you should be doing, yet knowing there's no way you're ever going to get them all done. The pace of business moves faster every day and playing catch up is always a losing proposition.

To make it worse, the next BRIGHT SHINY OBJECT that promises to be the answer to your prayers is introduced every day and them promptly displaced the next day by the next EVEN SHINIER OBJECT. Nobody can keep up with it all!

You may have grown up believing that if you worked really hard, you'd eventually be rewarded with success. These days, hard work is definitely not enough - not NEARLY enough! You have to make every minute and every dollar count, just to remain competitive.

A COSTLY and ALL TOO OFTEN FATAL MISTAKE growing businesses make is trying to save money by pinching pennies on the wrong things. They pay salaried or hourly employees to do things they aren't highly skilled in doing or even worse, the organization's leaders end up doing the work because "Nobody does it better". The truth is that others, who are experts in these types of tasks, can almost always often do them for less money and certainly faster and often with far greater effectiveness. Failing to recognize this is called "TRIPPING OVER DOLLARS TO SAVE DIMES!"

There's light at the end of the tunnel, but only if you can make some critical adjustments to how the work that's required to achieve success for your organization actually gets done. Most importantly, you'll probably need to rethink who's actually doing the critical work.

The GOOD NEWS Is - It Probably Should NEVER Be YOU.

You only have 2,000 working hours to spend each year! Are these precious hours being invested in tasks that are the best and most profitable use of your time? What about the time of your employees? Is their valuable (and expensive) time being invested wisely? Here’s a hard fact to face - If you are reading this, the answer is almost certainly NO!

Let's Get Really Personal!

How much did you make last year? Take your annual income and drop the last three decimal places and divide that in half. For example, if you made $50,000 last year, your time would have been worth at least $25 an hour. After you've done the math, answer these two basic questions:

  Did you spend your 2000 hours on the tasks that made the best use of your time and contributed the highest value to your business?

  Most importantly, did you ENJOY the way you spent your 2000 hours?

Let's be really be honest, if you're building your own business, you almost certainly spent way more than 2000 hours working on it. Imagine what will happen when you are able to get all of those tasks you don't want to do or know you shouldn't do off your plate and you're able to use all those same hours on the things you really do best. Think about the amazing results you will achieve. That same hourly rate you just computed in your head could easily double or triple overnight. That’s what having work that is not the best use of your time DONE FOR YOU by others - better, faster and for much less - is all about.

Now That You Know How To Double Or Triple The Value Of Your Time

How should you decide what to offload and what to keep? Here's a simple rule of thumb.

If you can answer YES to any off the following questions regarding a task you could offload - either from your plate or from an employee whose time would be better spent elsewhere - OFFLOAD IT!

  Do you see the results other companies achieve from this type of task and think their results are better?

  Does the task require more than an hour of your uninterrupted time (which you never seem to have) to be done really well?

  Would the results of the task be improved if it was done by someone with greater expertise or experience?

... and pay close attention to this last one because it can literally KILL your organization:

  Are you the ONLY PERSON in your organization that can do this task?

If you answered yes to any of these, you can certainly benefit from our help. However, if you answered yes to the 4th question and you are literally the only person in your organization that can perform a task that is important to your operation, address it immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about the value of DONE FOR YOU with absolutely no obligation, just click the button below and we'll get started.



What Tasks Should You Offload To inetUSA?


The list below shows just some of the tasks that we regularly, professionally and economically handle for our customers. As you can see in each category, we do a lot of volume and therefore the savings is available to pass on to our customers. However, it's not just our volume that makes us your best choice. There's a far more important reason.

It's our SECRET SAUCE! The last point below covers inetUSA's Symphony of Marketing. That is what ties everything we do together and truly sets us apart from all of our competition. It's the most important reason inetUSA is the perfect choice for offloading all of your inefficient tasks, doubling or tripling your income, and finally getting your time and life back under control.

  Website Development, Hosting & Management - Since 1997, inetUSA has built and hosted over 30,000 websites. That makes us one of the oldest and most experienced Internet companies in the world. Putting your trust in us for this cornerstone of your marketing efforts is the smart way to make sure you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS 24 HOURS A DAY and that your company's message is always delivered professionally and perfectly! Learn More

  Printing Services - We are a full-service commercial printer. We print hundreds of thousands of pages annually and can print anything you might need including business cards, personalized letters, brochures, flyers, menus, rack cards, banners, door hangers, catalogs, booklets and promotional products. Wherever appropriate, everything we print for you will contain a scannable QR codes and a links to landing pages on your website - all trackable so we can help you focus on results and your return on investment. Learn More

  Mailing Services - We'll deliver your printed messages via direct mail (a) to your own list, (b) to mailing lists we acquire for you or (c) to a specific geographic market using the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program using our mailing permits to save you money. We mail tens of thousands of individually addressed letters, post cards and "lumpy mail" for our customers every month and we can do the same for you. Learn More

  Telephony and Text Marketing - Our Florida-based in-house call center handles both inbound and outbound calls. We process hundreds of thousands of calls every month for our clients. Our experienced team will call your leads; make appointments for you; take inbound "info only" calls and convert them to appointments; and make sure that your phone time will be spent with only hot prospects.  Learn More

      Digital Marketing - Social Media, Email, Blogging - This is the new frontier. Almost every day, something new is introduced to change the landscape of digital marketing. The most important (at least for today) media providers, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube frequently change their algorithms that control how, why, when, and where your messages get displayed. They also regularly create and tweak their tools to sharpen the way messages are created. Our task is to stay on top of the changes to maximize your results. It's a full-time job and not knowing the latest "secrets" can render your efforts ineffective or actually detrimental.  Learn More

  List Building & Management - The most fertile group in which you should be investing your engagement efforts is your LIST. This includes customers, prospects and suspects and each requires a different, yet cohesive approach. That way, as an entity migrates from suspect to prospect to customer via your efforts, the transitions are smooth and the relationship matures properly and profitably.  Learn More

  inetUSA's Symphony of Marketing - Lorem ipsum dolor verbatim excelsior maleficent. Lorem ipsum dolor verbatim excelsior maleficent. Lorem ipsum dolor verbatim excelsior maleficent. Lorem ipsum dolor verbatim excelsior maleficent.  Learn More

What is done-for-you digital marketing, exactly, beyond what its name implies? Find out why it just might be perfect for your business.

First, let’s focus on the marketing side of things. To be more specific, digital marketing. Chances are you’ve already made the leap (or, at the very least, are thinking of it). You may even have a plan already — perhaps you already have your social media posting schedule mapped out, or maybe you’re in the middle of writing your first blog or putting your first video together.

If that’s the case, then you’re also already aware of how hard it is to handle your own digital marketing.

Well, it’s technically not impossible. Realistically, you CAN take care of your digital marketing yourself. As a business-oriented person, however, I’m sure you know the importance of weighing cost versus benefit. In other words, is the time you’ll be investing in handling your own digital marketing worth your ROI… AND the other tasks you won’t be able to focus on?

Not only will you have to do everything yourself, there’s also no room for mistakes. An erroneously planned digital marketing strategy means your ad money will go down the drain. In the end, without proper knowledge and support, you’ll end up spending more than you thought you saved by not hiring anyone full-time!

The good news is – you don’t need a full-time digital marketing team.

Done-for-you digital marketing is exactly what the name implies: It’s digital marketing, done for you. Instead of spending your time writing or running ads, you can count on someone else to do it for you – someone who isn’t a full-time employee of yours, but is nevertheless an expert you can trust.

If the prospect of having someone else prepare your digital marketing strategy sounds appealing, trust me, it gets better.

Here are just some of the benefits of done-for-you digital marketing:

1. Your digital marketing materials will be prepared by experts in the field.

Choosing the right provider of done-for-you digital marketing services ensures that the output you’ll get would come from certified and experienced practitioners in the online marketing realm. No need for you to have an extensive background in every aspect of the work, or to invest in all those expensive “how-to” books.

You can just sit back and trust that your marketing campaign will perform at peak efficiency with the right hands working on it – hands that don’t necessarily have to be yours.

2. It’s like having your own personal digital marketing team - without having to actually hire or train anyone full-time.
Another excellent advantage of signing up for done-for-you services is that you don’t need to worry about hiring people. As you know, having full-time employees can be costly and complicated (especially if you’re just a startup business owner who’s still learning the ropes).

Now, you can have a great team of professionals at your disposal, without having to worry about their training, or their salary, or how to keep them on board and motivated. That’s the agency’s problem. On your end, all you have to do is provide guidelines and expect good output.

3. The stress of conceptualizing and executing your digital marketing strategy will be taken off of your shoulders.
You might be tempted to think that you know exactly how to engage with your target audience, since you own the business. That’s usually not the case, though, as there are a ton of factors to consider when coming up with your digital marketing strategy.

Aside from deciding on your core message, you also need to worry about developing the right elements that will accurately and adequately send your message across. Why burden yourself with all the hassle, when you can hire a done-for-you team?

4. With expert recommendations from your done-for-you team, you won’t miss out on any crucial parts of your digital marketing strategy.
Yet another problematic part of doing your digital marketing yourself is that you become more likely to miss out on important things – either you forget about them, or you’re completely unaware that you need them.

Whether it’s balancing your content, perfecting your messaging, or making sure that all your marketing materials adhere to your branding guidelines, you’ll be in big trouble if you neglect to do something critical for your strategy. With done-for-you digital marketing services, you’ll know – and get – exactly what you need.

5. Done-for-you digital marketing is simply the more cost-efficient option.
If you take the time to think about how much you’ll spend on training and hiring full-time team members, you’ll quickly realize that if you compare that to the cost of done-for-you marketing, you’ll be saving quite a bit.

Simply pay for the marketing materials and tasks you require, and you’re all set. Need a social media manager for a month, or emails to be sent on a weekly basis? Done-for-you digital marketing services can provide that, and so much more.

6. You will spend only for what you need, when you need it.

Think of done-for-you digital marketing as multiple pieces in a complex but beautiful puzzle. Sometimes, you won’t need all of the pieces for the picture you want to form – and that’s where this service truly shines. If you just need a blog written, all you have to pay for is a blog post, no strings attached.

If you’re looking for someone to write a set number of social media updates for you, you’ll find one, too. If you need a bigger following or more fans, a done-for-you marketing service would be your best friend.

Get more mileage out of your digital campaign — and save time, the single most important resource of all — with a done-for-you digital marketing provider you can trust.

However, everyone doesn't respond to the same types of media the same way. Some people are readers and will consume content that you provide in written format (i.e. letters, brochures, flyers, etc.). Others would rather watch informative videos. Some people only respond to online messages and look for "social proof" (reviews, testimonials, recommendations via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Still others make choices based on what others say and do. They are influenced by influencers.

These are just the basics. Each of these forms of communication require varying degrees of skill and sophistication to deliver effectively. Doing them badly can also be fatal. Therefore, the "throwing spaghetti against the wall" approach is simply not a workable solution.

So ... now that you know all the ways you need to reach out and touch your prospects, do you feel like you have the time, expertise and money to provide all of these?As a business owner, you already know that running a business comes with a set of seriously challenging (and time-consuming) responsibilities. From balancing your financials to developing your marketing strategy, every aspect of your business operations plays an essential role in ensuring the success of your business as a whole.