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inetUSA serves all kinds of people from many different businesses, but for the sake of comparison, let's use realtors for our example. According to National Association of Realtors, the average realtor makes around $42,500 a year. Because you found us, we'll assume you are certainly above average and use $50,000 as a representative salary for our scenario. Let's also assume that income is earned by a mix of selling and listing houses.

Since an average real estate agent earns 3% for a listing and 3% for a sale, we'll use a blended rate of 4.5%. That gross commission is typically split 60%/40% with the broker of the agency the agent represents.

Given these variables, here's the math that matters:

  • The Average Selling Price of a US Home is currently (2019) $226,300 (according to Zillow).
  • Based on the variables shown above, that means that the average agent will keep about $6,110 for every house they list and sell (again assuming the blended list & sell commission rate of 4.5%)
  • At that rate, to make the slightly above average annual income shown above ($50,000), will require 8-9 listings and sales (actually 8.11 to be exact)

Now, assuming you are a smart agent and have a great resource for leads, such as All The Leads, your costs to market to an entire new market segment (such as probate) could be:

  • Approximate Cost for 60 leads a month - $350
  • Sending a letter to each prospect @ $1.55 per letter (printed, stamped, mailed and delivered) - $93
  • Making prospecting calls to each lead @ $2.50 per lead (regardless of the # of phone numbers) - $150

This equates to a monthly investment of $593 (or $7,116)

Finally (assuming a really ridiculously low and conservative result) you are only able to make one listing & sale every two months from this program ...


On that $7,116 investment would be $36,661.

That's an AMAZING annual rate of return of 415%.


Above Average Agent Using inetUSA Marketing Total
GCI $50,000 $36,661 $86,661
Operating Expenses $7,500 $7,116 $14,616
Net Income $42,500 $29,545 $72,041


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